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            Nexperia Enters Gallium Nitride Race with 600V / 60m? FET

            來源:https://eepower.com/new-industry-products/nexperia-enters-gallium-nitride-race-with-600v-60me284a6-fet/ 發布時間:2020/09/26點擊數:3343

            Nexperia today announced its entry into the gallium nitride (GaN) FET market with the introduction of the 650-Volt GAN063-650WSA, a very robust device with a gate-source voltage (VGS) of +/-20V and a temperature range of -55°C to +175°C. The GAN063-650WSA features a low RDS(on) - down to 60m? - and fast switching to offer very high efficiency.

            Nexperia is targeting high performance application segments including xEV, datacentres, telecom infrastructure, industrial automation and high-end power supplies. Nexperia's GaN-on-silicon process is very robust and mature with proven quality and reliability, plus it is highly scalable as wafers can be processed in existing silicon fabrication facilities. More, this device is available in the industry-standard TO-247, allowing customers to benefit from exceptional GaN performance in a familiar package.

            Toni Versluijs, General Manager of Nexperia MOS Business Group said: "This is a strategic move for Nexperia into the high voltage area, and we can now deliver technology suitable for xEV power semiconductor applications. Our GaN is a technology that is ready for volume production, and with scalability to meet high volume applications. The automotive sector is a key focus for Nexperia and one which is forecast to grow significantly for two decades as electric vehicles replace those powered by traditional internal combustion engines as the preferred means of personal and public transport."

            Summary of features and specifications

            • Ultra-low reverse recovery charge

            • Simple gate drive (0 V to +10 V or 12 V)

            • Robust gate oxide (±20 V capability)

            • High gate threshold voltage (+4 V) for very good gate bounce immunity

            • Very low source-drain voltage in reverse conduction mode

            • Transient over-voltage capability (800V)

            • AEC-Q101 qualified

            In a blog posting accompanying the announcement, Dilder Chowdhury, Architect for Power GaN Technology at Nexperia, commented: "Naturally, for volume production each and every device needs to reliably deliver on its promise. So at Nexperia we have drawn on our experience of pushing Automotive MOSFET testing beyond two-times AEC-Q101 requirements on key reliability tests. That has meant spending a lot of time repeatedly testing our GaN devices to ensure they deliver reliably throughout their lifetime.

            "Finally understanding the true benefit of GaN-on-Si FETs from an application / topology perspective has been vital. Nexperia has been able to characterize functional devices and understand how they behave in various topologies. This has allowed us to build the understanding and in-house experience to support customers and enable GaN to become a mainstream power semiconductor technology.

            "The release of Nexperia's first 650V GaN FETs neatly fits with the increasing demand for high-power FETs. Our first devices will already provide a performance and efficiency boost for the high-end power supplies needed to deliver the reduced power losses in industrial automation, data centers, and telecommunications infrastructure. And as we continue the development towards automotive qualified devices, including surface-mount versions, the ongoing electrification of the powertrain will be boosted by the greater power density and efficiency offered by GaN-on-Si FETs.

            "At last GaN is completing its journey from invention to industrialization and starting to realize its potential as a mainstream power transistor technology," Chowdhury concluded.

            The GAN063-650WSA GaN FET from Nexperia is the first in a portfolio of GaN devices that Nexperia is developing to address the automotive, communication infrastructure and industrial markets.